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Startup Pitch Canvas & Time value

Time plays the utmost importance when you're presenting or pitching your business or startup to anyone. I have quite a few experiences presenting my ideas to a broad set of people ranging from incubators to investors to generic crowds to friends & family. Though the content and quality of speech vary invariably, time is the only constant that remains singular on all occasions.

In today's busy world with an avalanche of information & reduced attention time-span, no one has a higher availability of time to listen to you even how passionate you sound. Though all the pitch has variation in time limit from 90 sec to 15 mins, I have tried to deduce the significance of time given to major parts in a pitch on the pitch canvas provided by Best 3 minutes. Hope it can be useful for ready reference.

Remember to keep a tab on the following 3 points;

  • Listener perspective - Simplicity, Clarity & Focus

  • Conscious decisions - Boils down to professional ppts

  • Finish on time

Hope you had a Good Read!

You can find the pitch canvas here.


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