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I Rajharsee Rahul, am an engineer by degree and, designer by heart with a passion for business and, entrepreneurship. I love working on real-life problems and strive hard to find sensible solutions with a reasonable business plan. 

Besides developing businesses, my other passion is exploring life, be it travel, food, festivals, or spiritualism. Being in constant touch with cultures of different regions and a desire to dwell deep to experiment with life; led to my innate love for writing. In no way I am a literature-grade writer or grammatically correct but I write with passion and love for the understanding of the life around me and its interpretation. 

In relation to my work, I was lucky to be involved in a few crazy projects like designing kitchen-based mini biogas plants to solve the problem of landfilling or designing drones to replace waiters in restaurants or scan warehouses, and even battlefields. And a few sober and practical ones as the lithium-ion-based energy storage system,  web-based energy management application, Low code ERP solutions, and mobile app (ERP) to manage the entire lifecycle of commercial tires.

A working professional and an ex-partner in Agastyam CleanTech and Bizee Technologies Pvt Ltd and a current partner in SKM Power Solutions & TNT CTSX Technologies. 

I love to work with MSMEs and smaller firms to help them move toward digitalization to increase business efficiency leading to increased revenue or reduction in cost. Always ready for an unaffiliated or freelance project to ignite my passion for entrepreneurship and the thrill of solving real-life challenges. 

Yours Gratefully, 

Rajharsee Rahul

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