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Riches and the Power of Thought

A statue of a thinking man
Pic by Kenny Eliason (Unsplash)

The Power of Thought

As per Napoleon Hill, the famous writer of the bestseller book "Think and Grow Rich" states that "thoughts are things"

and powerful things at that, when mixed with

  • Purpose

  • Persistence

  • Burning desire

Translates into riches, money or other material objects.

Through years of navigating the complexities of succesful men, a profound truth is realised:

When a man harbors an intense desire so compelling that he's ready to gamble his entire future on a single twist of fate to attain it, success becomes inevitable.

A prevalent reason for failure often lies in the tendency to give up when faced with temporary setbacks. Many successful individuals emphasize that their greatest achievements materialized just beyond the moment when defeat seemed inevitable.

One sound idea is all you need to achieve success.

As wealth starts to flow, it arrives with such rapidity and abundance that one can't help but wonder where it had been concealed during all those lean years.

A significant weakness among humanity is the pervasive familiarity of the average person with the term "impossible." They are well-versed in all the rules that lead to failure and are knowledgeable about the things that supposedly cannot be achieved.

Determination had won once more!

You are

"The master of your fate, the captain of your Soul"

The reason for this is that we have the power to control our thoughts.

The ethereal space enveloping our small planet, within which it hovers and we exist, manifests as a form of energy vibrating at an astonishingly high rate. This ethereal realm is infused with a universal power that molds itself according to the nature of the thoughts we harbor in our minds. It subtly guides us, in inherent ways, to transform our thoughts into tangible physical manifestations.

Prior to amassing wealth in substantial abundance, we must imbibe in our minds with a fervent desire for riches, cultivating a state of being "money conscious." This entails nurturing such a strong yearning for financial success that it propels us to formulate concrete plans for its acquisition.


The writing is inspired from the book by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich".

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Jan 08

Growing the thoughts in the soil of mind!!

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