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TNT CTSX Technologies

TNT is an MSME manufacturing unit, that manufactures retreaded tires, with a monthly capacity of 300 to 500 tires. Its digital wing is TNT CTSX Technologies incorporated to develop digital products to enhance the manufacturing processes and customer experience. 

Link to Application Overview: iTRAMS

Link to website: TNT CTSX Tech

Business Challenge

Design, development, and implementation of internal web and mobile applications for enhancing process and efficiency with a reduction in loss due to manufacturing and increment of net revenue, while positively impacting customer experience and retention. 

My Work

  • Market research and analysis, submission of report on current and future trends of tire industries.

  • Ideation via collecting on-site real-time data, developing initial product proposal, and brainstorming with all stakeholders. 

  • Design of a solution i.e. web/mobile application to enhance product reliability and customer retention with a better experience. 

  • Wireframes development with initial product requirement documents.

  • Development of a prototype as RMS - Retreading management system with the usage of LCP.

  • Implementation of the prototype in the manufacturing unit with training the staff for data collection and analysis. 

  • Enhancement of prototype to MVP with real-time data and feedback for more than 6 months leading to a desirable field-deployable product. 


The product is currently deployed and in use. 


  • Product failure because of inefficiency in process execution falls by 80%

  • Customer retention and new customer acquisition increased by 30%

  • Transparency and hassle-free management of the unit leading to a reduction in human intervention by 40%

  • Real-time & better management of raw material with control on quality as rubber products expire on a timely basis leading to zero wastage. 

  • Real-time dashboard provides all the required KPIs and analytics, helping reduce stress/anxiety on the owner, with improved capability to make informed and faster decisions.

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