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Communication, People & Stakeholders: Working with them as a Product Manager

A pivotal aspect of the product manager's role revolves around serving as a central communications hub.

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General Communication

Following are the modes and general aspects of communication:


  • Master the art of maximizing meetings.

  • Ensure diligent follow-up on action items resulting from meetings.

  • Dispatch a recap email post-meeting for documentation and clarity.

Conference calls

  • Ensure your delivery includes appropriate intonation and conveys a clear message.

  • Provide hyperlinks for all topics discussed to facilitate easy access to related information.


  • Guarantee clarity and conciseness in your written messages, complemented by relevant resources and referenced data for effective communication.

Informal meetings

  • Utilize meetings for networking, receiving feedback, brainstorming ideas, and garnering support, as they are invaluable for fostering connections and collaboration.

Master the skill of tailoring your communication approach to suit the diverse personalities and preferences of individuals.

Discussions with engineers
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Working With Engineers

Very Detailed and specific discussions

  • Assume responsibility for any mishaps by ensuring accurate specifications are provided.

  • Before pitching a feature, envision its trajectory for future development.

  • Proactively undertake preparatory tasks such as log checking and data analysis whenever feasible.

  • Be wary of accumulating technical debt, as engineers disdain its repercussions, necessitating future rectification due to initial inadequacies.

  • Avoid treating engineers as mere service providers; foster collaboration by welcoming their input and encouraging them to contribute their ideas and solutions rather than solely dictating requirements.

Working With Designers

  • Empower designers with creative autonomy.

  • Avoid viewing designers solely as aesthetic craftsmen or external service providers; instead, solicit their feedback and treat them as integral team members.

  • Foster a collaborative dynamic between yourself and your designer, ensuring open communication and sharing comprehensive project data.

  • Refrain from dictating tasks to designers; instead, encourage their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

  • Prioritize discussions on user issues over proposed solutions, allowing designers the opportunity to devise optimal solutions based on user needs.

A product manager explainng company executives
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Working with Executives

  • Be concise when communicating with executives; they're busy.

    • Use brief, impactful messages.

    • Respect their time with concise communication.

  • Emphasize the business impact.

    • Translate concepts into revenue and metric terms.

  • Adapt your communication to their style.

    • Tailor your message to match their preferred style.

Communication brief

(with all other people)

  • Foster regular communication with team members across all departments.

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of user base, technology, and business to other teams.

  • Provide frequent updates on recent developments.

  • Communicate the rationale behind chosen solutions to stakeholders.




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