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MikroScript (Upgrade)

Mikroscript is a native and web application / software for remotely executing scripts. Execute anything, anywhere, in any numbers of network devices unattended.

Link to website: MikroScript

Business Challenge

Need to redesign and upgrade the old version of mikroscript application with modern UI and new features.

My Work

I was working as a consultant and manage the development of the product. I was part of the product team, leading the design team and co-jointly led the development of the work with founders of the firm. 

In-depth research on the features & design of the product with wireframes was developed by the team under me. We need to design the system for general B2B market with a global footprint. Common language & easy to use interface with lean design, the utmost need for this application. Navigating the user seamless with intuitive UI, easing the scope of understanding with the addition of new features and functionality. 

We fundamentally need to consider the varied type of user interacting with the system. Ranging from a different nationality and professional sphere, making sure the system delivers as per intended.

Further working towards task assignments and project activities was taken care of. 


The application upgradation was completed as per schedule. The client (who owns the product, based out of Portugal, Europe), was highly satisfied with the work and deployed it in his business for further usage & sale. 

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