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Design Process & Team

For BizEE Technologies Private Limited, which has been established as an IT system integrator via software development and cloud solutions provider, with a cumulative industry experience of more than 30 years.

Link to website: BizEE Design Studio (UI/UX)

Business Challenge

Need to build a design team and develop a design process that can be incorporated into the firm for an efficient flow of work as multiple projects and products were in pipeline for the same. 

My Work

I worked as a consultant and managed the development of the process for the design team and as well hired, build & led the design team. The process developed by me was inspired by and inculcated ideas from some of the most acclaimed product designers like Dieter Rams, Don Norman & Jakob Nielsen to academic knowledge from Delft design studio, NN/g & others. Besides my previous experience in designing products and processes. It includes and states - communication protocol, design process, working protocol & guidelines, initiatives, FED Coding directory structure, CSS rules, guiding principles, inspiration & learnings.

A snapshot of the process build is stated below.



The design process helped in streamlining the design work with scientific methods of idea generation, mockups, and MVPs. The design work timeline decreased by almost 30%, with effective communication in and outside the team with better design work leading to positive feedback & accolades from customers, eventually leading to an increase in customer and revenue. 

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