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Tyre N Tyre

Tyre N Tyre is an ISO 9001:2015  manufacturing company working as Total Retreading Solutions since 1997. 21+ years of tyre retreading experience with 300+ esteem clientele.

Link to Website: Tyre N Tyre

Business Challenge

They intend to develop a website from scratch ASAP to help them market their products and services. 

My Work

Have designed the website from scratch, with visit to the manufacturing site and gathering the requirements from multiple stakeholders . The entire design with content creation and development of the website is done by me and I currently, maintain the site as well. 


The website was ready and live in less than 30 days with site visit and content creation in the likes of photography, photo editing and content writing. Digital presence has helped the customer to increase market enquiries by almost 30% in their region of work. 

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