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TikTun eHRMS 

Lean, cost-effective eHRMS solutions named “TikTun”. An AI enabled assistance which automate the entire scope of human resources & asset management. A SaaS based web application. 

Link to website: Is currently not functional.

Link to design: TikTun eHRMS 

Business Challenge

Design & develop a website to showcase & market eHRMS as product online/offline. We need to design the system for general B2B market with a global footprint. Common language & easy to use interface with lean design, the utmost need.

My Work

I was working as a consultant with the firm. The website project was led by me from ideation till completion while managing multiple stakeholders from the design team to the engineering team. In-depth research on modern design with required marketing & written content and wireframes was developed by me. In the context of designing, we fundamentally need to consider the varied type of user interacting with the system. Ranging from a different nationality, professional sphere to the drivers' usage perspective, making sure the system delivers as per intended. Further working towards task assignments and project activities was taken care of. 


The harsh deadlines to deliver website POC within 15 days was challenging while working in the different level of design processes. Fortunately we where able to deliver it on time. 

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