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Mikroscript is a native and web application / software for remotely executing scripts. Execute anything, anywhere, in any numbers of network devices unattended. The website showcase the features of mikroscript product. 

Link to website: MikroScript

Business Challenge

Design & develop a website to showcase & market mikroscript as product online/offline.The intend to design the website with new vigor, clarity & charm to it. So as to generate positive vibes & sales out of it.

My Work

I was working as a consultant with the firm. The website redesign project was led by me from ideation till completion while managing multiple stakeholders from the design team to the engineering team. In-depth research on modern design with required marketing & written content and wireframes was developed by me. With new case studies coming up on a regular basis, we need to give them the breathing space for addition in future without affecting the layout. Further working towards task assignments and project activities was taken care of. 


The website was completed almost as per schedule. Led the team to enhance the company's online presence with a website, SEO optimization & brand placement leading to a 100% increase in traffic. 

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