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Rajharsee Rahul 
Product Portfolio

Hi, I am Rajharsee Rahul, an engineer by degree & designer by heart. I love working on real-life problems and strive to find sensible solutions. I have been in tech-related product development for the past 9 years and am very passionate about product management. I am consistently working with product, design, and engineering teams. 


The following is the list of the few products which is either managed or developed or done both by me and have permissions to showcase here. 

Case Studies




Customer needs and insights | Product requirements documentation | Product vision & roadmap | Business goals and objectives | User stories | Stakeholder management | Prioritization | Data analysis and metrics | Pricing strategy | Competition analysis


APIs, SQL, Unqork, Appsheet, JIRA, Confluence, Agile methodologies, Low & No Code, Invision, Miro, Asana


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 81170 08575

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